This is a page that gives you information about Gothenburg Sweden

After meeting tourists in Gothenburg 10 years ago I decided to publish a page for you who are asking where to find museums, hotels, affordable food and parks. In the different menues above you should be able to find what you are searching for. If not then please use the search box just below the menues or send me a mail and I'll give you an answer as soon as possible.

tough viking 2017
Sunny but windy on this year of tough viking in Gothenburg.
I got some pictures.

try electric bike
Time for a visit in Bothanical garden
. Spring is here and the bulbs or onions are showing their flowers. I got a couple of pictures.
try electric bike
This weekend Gothenburg city museum started a new exhibition called Gothenburgs birth
. This one shows the origin of todays Gothenburg and displays some of the findings archeologists made during the work for a new center in Gamlestan. Very interesting.
try electric bike
We got an interesting fair about bicykles in Gothenburg this weekend. Lot of vehicles to try, a lot to discover about the development of electric, racing, commute and mountain bikes this weekend. I managed to get some pictures. Check them out on >>>
semla time
Every swede eats semla this time of year
. A long tradition before the fasting. Well, I am lying if I say every swede eats these fat buns but you see them everywhere. I show you a recipe here>>>.
annual booksaleTime for the annual booksale. You're gonna see a lot of bookstores that are announcing book sale all around Sweden on Wednesday. I think it looks like sale in other parts of the world. The only difference is that this sale just conatins books,
gothenburg boatfairHuge boatfair this year I got some pictures but I where not able to see all of the fair during one afternoon. Prepare your self on a long day with a lot to discover. The boatfair is running all week and stops next weekend. Take the opportunity to see what is happening here this week. You´r nearest hotel for this fair is Gothia towers. new years eve gothenburg Sweden
Happy new year from Gothenburg Sweden

xmas fairs

Time for christmas
In a couple of weeks Gothenburg is filling their streets with fairs for christmas. You are able to buy everything from paper for your gifts to sausages. I give you acouple of tips here>>>
free wifi
We soon got free wifi all over the town
The tourist concuil is increasing the number of hot spots all over the city. This makes you able to connect to rest of the world for no money. I've pointed out most of the hotspots here>>>
wonderful colours at the moment
The autumn is here with colours and harvest.
If you are in Gothenburg then try bothanical garden just a kilometer from the cityt.
try the indoor zoo in Gothenburg
A tip for your vacation in Gothenburg is the universeum
. Something like an indoor zoo with djungle, animals, exhibitions that gets everyone curious about everything from nature to history. At the moment there is a display about the iceage here in europe. I got some pictures. Check it out here>>>
biggest flee market in scandinavia
If you would like to see ordinary citisens in Gothenburg you should try the annual big flee market in Majorna
This is an event arranged by the local tentants association where everyone are out on the streets to selling their old clothes, furnitures, stereo, telly and whatever they find. I got some pictures. Check it out here>>>

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