This is a page that gives you information about Gothenburg Sweden

After meeting tourists in Gothenburg 10 years ago I decided to publish a page for you who are asking where to find museums, hotels, affordable food and parks. In the different menues above you should be able to find what you are searching for. If not then please use the search box just below the menues or send me a mail and I'll give you an answer as soon as possible.

ferry from sweden to denmark
The boarders are still closed from Sweden to Denmark. The strange thing is that the boarder are open the other way. Thousand of danes are crossing the boarder to Sweden every day. Swedes are also allowed to cross the boarder if they are working or got a relative in Denmark. The danish prime minister said last week that they will open the boarder for people from Norway and Germany the 15:th of June. But not for swedes. Read more about the restrictions on and Norway got another law or rule to accept. They are allowed to cross the boarder to Sweden but have to stay two weeks in quarantine after arriving back to Norway. There are a couple of norwegians that try crossing the boarder to get affordable tobacco, meat and chocolate. If the norwegian police reveals it they risk getting a 20000skr fee(about 200£). Read more on

askim beach
Summer is here.
Quarantine and closed work make people move to the beaches. Popular places in our archipelago is Askims beach(good for children), Hovas(older clientel), Killingsholmen(wonderful cliff), Braennoe(only barnmuseum in the world) and 50 other places. I put a map on places you should visit on this map>>>. Our meteorologists is warning for high ultraviolet radiation so keep your hat on.

happy new year from Sweden
Happy new year from Gothenburg Sweden
Thousands where watching our annuarly new year fireworks in Gothenburg on new years eve. I got some pictures. Check them out on>>>.

skansen lejonet
Fort Lion
. Just a couple of hundred meters from the central station in Gothenburg you've got a historical building with 7 meters thick walls. You are able to get a free guiding here some saturdays during the autumn. Check it out here>>>>.

thousand of football playersNext weekend we'll get around 60000 football players with staff and families in Gothenburg. Lot of exciting football with different styles like samba, african and chinese football. You are able to see most games free. It is just the finals on old Ullevi there is a small fee for entrance. If you are visiting Gothenburg during this week you''l need to book a hotel room a.s.a.p. You'll find plenty of them here>>>. I am also presenting some B&B, hostels, camping, cottages and hotels in Gothenburg. Pack your toothbrush some extra pants and visit us.

midsummer in sweden
On friday, the 21:th, it is time for a swedish tradition called midsummer
. This is a very old tradition in sweden and Finland. You don't see it too much in other countries. In Denmark they usually celebrate St. Johns birthday with a barbeque in the garden and in old times they tried to scare witches and other mean ghosts. I give you some suggestions for Midsummer in Sweden here>>>

lot of people
We had another exciting half marathon on last saturday. Suddenly the little town of Gothenburg where crowded with people from all over the world. Last years winner, Shadrack kimining, won again after a good last kilometer. I got some pictures>>>

looking for trouble?
We had lot of storm troopers and comic heroes in Gothenburg this weekend
. Artists from DC comics, swedish artists, many comics, gaming and a lot of other stuff to see. I got some pictures>>>.

botfair Gothenburg 2019
Visit the boatfair
. You've got houndreds of different boats, fishing equipment, sailing clotehs, food and lot more in swedish boat fair this week. See more about it here>>>.

culture fesival all over sweden
Right now we've got a culture festival all over sweden
. This is the festival in Gothenburg.

volvo ocean inport race 2018
We had good winds but a lot of rain on the sundays inport race for volvo ocean race
. I got some pictures.

volvo ocean race 2018 Gothenburg
On wednesday, 14:th of June, the ships from Volvo ocean race are reaching Gothenburgs harbour

. Take a trip down to the harbour and check it out. You've got a lot of stuff going on the pier down here with no entrance. Read more on I visited last race. Check it out here>>>

a very fast ladyGöteborgsvarvet 2018
We had a fantastic saturday with ten of thousand of spectators to Goteborgsvarvet. I got some pictures. Please check them out here.

tough viking 2018Tough viking 2018 gave good entertainment. I got some pictures.

boatfair is open
Boatfair 2018 is started.
Take a trip to swedish mass for some inspiraton.

christmas fairs in Gothenburg 2017
The Christmas fairs in Gothenburg has started
. The haga Cristmas fair is the first this season too. I got some pictures. You´ll find more christmas fairs here>>>

first snow in gothenburg this winter
First snowflakes this winter fell in Gothenburg today.
Looks like we are getting a cold week. Check it out on weather in Gothenburg.

time for annua÷christmas markets
Now the annual christmas fairs are starting again. On saturday the annual dristmas fair in Haga Gothenburg opens. You'll see pictures from some of the fairs 2016 here>>>>

apartments for rent in Gothenburg
Apartments for rent in Gothenburg
. I am getting questions about free apartments and room in Gothenburg from foreign seekers. I found some sites that could be interesting for finding a room or flat. Please check it out here>>>.

european championship horses gothenburg
This week the town is filled with horses and jockeys.

sweaty and powerful
We had an exciting swimrun competition in our southern archipelago during the last weekend.
400 runners tried to cross the islands and the sea between them in a 33 kilometer long land trail and 6 kilometers swimming. I got some pictures>>>

world famous old carvings in Tanum
If you would like to see some of our first letters or book writing in Scandinavia you should visit the old stone carvings in Vitlycke Tanumshede.
We actually began writing down signs for about 4000 years ago. The scientists has been interpreting these carvings as worship for gods, beggings and lot of other things. I maybe should see them as good old stories from our ancient ancesters. I'll give you a couple of pictures on

this week starts the biggest soccer tournament in the world
This week Gothenburg will be filled with thousand of soccerloving youngsters
1661 teams, 40200 players, 82 nations and all their parents, functionairs and thier equipment managers gonna fill up this little city with people during the week. The building on the picture is Gothia cup academy where the head group is trying to coordinate all the logistics, food, lodging and matches during the week. Trust me tese guys are busy right now. You are actually able to follow the games through the web. On computer or smartphone. Check it out here>>>

askims bath
Next week all of sweden is celebrating midsummer
The majority of swedes is having parties or are out having big meals. There are though some places for you as a tourist to visit. I'll give you some examples here>>>

enourmus boat
We got an exciting visit last friday
. The Norwegian getaway landed in the harbour during the day. Loaded with tourists who wanted to check old parts of Gothenrburg. This is the largest passengers ship ever visited Gothenburg harbour. Read more about it here>>>

goteborgsvarvet 2017
Goteborgsvarvet 2017 got more then 60000 runners this year.
People everywhere. Both runners, markets, trolleys, cars and you name it. I got some pictures.

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