The southern archipelago of Gothenburg, Askim beach is a popular spot in Gothenburg during summer

This beach is perfect for you with kids. The bathing area is very shallow so you don't need to worry for your kids. However you've got a long new bridge that leads you to deeper water.

a perfect beach for you with children From May to autumn the beach is full with families that either do barbeque or just enjoying the sun on the beach.
toiletsdressing rooms and showers
On the beach you've got dressing rooms, showers, toilets, play grounds, swimming pool and surfboards for renting.

sausages and soda
You also got plenty of places to buy a soda, icecream or beer around the beach and on the other side of the highway.

another view og askims beach
Another view. This picture is taken during the most busy season in July.

miniature golf
Close by there is a miniature golf track with tracks for european miniature golf. They are well-kept because the players in this club compete all over the world in miniature golf. You pay about 5€ for a round.

rent a surfboard

On the beach you are also able to rent a surfboard from 20€ an hour. See more on