The southern archipelago of Gothenburg, Brännö(Burningisland). Pronounced as braenneu in Swedish.

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Brännö, or Braennoe(a direct translation could be Surfing island), where mentioned already in the icelandic sagas.

In the sagas you can read about an irish princess that where sold to the norwegian king for three silver daler. The society where most containing boat pilots that where checking the sea daily and where meeting foreign boats that where signalling for a pilot to help them through the archipelago here. The first pilot that got to the ship got the job. Many others missed their chance and had to ship back home again without salary. These pilots where called "wise men" during the time for shipping by these waters. To Branneoe you got a longer boat trip if you make your entrance on the south side, Husvik, but not much more then 20 minutes if you try the northern side of the island. See more on>>>
view from stop of ferry on styrso From the south of the island you got 2 kilometers to the ferry by Roedsten ont the northern side of the island.
you are not allowed to drive cars on styrso
Lasse Dahlquist is a famous Swedish singer that have made a lot of songs about Brannoe and he got a memorial on the island near Husviks bridge.

On the island you've got a nice Inn called Branneo inn. Check out the hotel here>>>
They serve a delicous lunch and all kind of seafood. They also got their own liquer called Branneo snaps.här finns många småvägar perfekt för cykel
On the island you also got a smaller supermarket where you are able to buy food, newspapers, souvenir cards, cigarettes, soda, stamps and everything you need. view from south styrso
On Braennoe you got an interesting museum called barn museum that shows how the old barns looked liked on the inside. Lot of old tools and furniture from the time when the boat pilots also grew seeds, potatoes and animals here. The museum is closed now but will open the 6:th of june this year. I promise I'll take my camera with me and publish some pictures and stories about this place then.

wonderful blue flowers
Brännö shipyard is another bed&breakfast on the northern side of the island
. They also offers lunch, kiosk and big screen television during the summer.

take the boat back to city by roedsten
After walking these 2 kilometers you reach the ferry that takes you back to Saltholmen in 20 minutes again.