Some pictures from this boatfair in Gothenburg. Gothenburg boatfair 2019

You are seeing more and more electric boats on this fair

I found some news.

nice aluminium boat electric driven
This is an affordable aluminium boat from Linders boats with a nice electric motor that carries the boat in 12 knots for two hours.

nice design
You'll get the boat from linders boats for 23000 Skr(about 2300€) with electric motor. Nice to use for fishing, in a lake or by the sure.

how about an electric driven boat that manage making 40 knots?
This is a new powerful boat made by X-shore. This one should be able to reach 40 knots and run 25 knots for two hours. That is nearly the distance between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn in Denmark. Try this boat on your own in Venice, Stockholm or Lego Di Gardia here>>>

This is a Merione from torqeedo with the battery you see in BMW i3 electric. They produce a lot of electric motors for sailboats but also ordinar boats where they replaced the combustion engine with an electric.

still quite expensive batteries
The batteries are still quite expensive but it looks like this gonna change the next years. This is a 90 Ah battery with a price of 23450 Skr(2300 €).

The fair are open all week to next sunday the 10:th of februar. If you are in gothenburg this week then I think you should try it. Read more about the big event on