We got an exciting visit from Game of thrones, star wars and many other fantasies this weekend in Gothenburg

storm troopers
Looks like the interest for Fantasy never disappear in Sweden. This weekend we got the Comic con event visiting Molndal Gothenburg with actors, artists, game creators and comic figures.

all kind of weapons
Here you found all kind of weapons to make you are super hero. How about a 50 kg sword?

light sable
Or a light sable?

In the comic alley you got ability to meet some of the big artists from DC comics and Marvels. Like Pere Perez, Paul Renaud, Jill Thompson, Yancey Labat and Kate Niemczyk. Check their skills in drawing figures.

very angry bird
In this stand you will be able to stare on a very angry bird.

swedish artists
You where also able to see some swedish artists in the artist valley. This is Daniel Velu that ar creating some catastrophic landscapes. You'll see his creations on Instagram @VELUSAUR or www.danielvelu.com .
Another artist I meet here where Oliver Hallqvist who has written a book you are able to download on diplomaticmission.org.