In Feskekorka(fish-church) you´ve got all fresh from the sea. Looks like they are close now due to the pandemic. I'll write when they opens again.


Is a classical landmark in Gothenburg. Many restaurants are fetching their ingredients on this place. Mostly because it is fresh and quite central in Gothenburg. You also got a lot of cafées and restaurants in this place. If you would like to try our food in Gothenburg then this is definitely the place.

The feskekorka or Fishchurch you´ll find on Rosenlundsgatan quite near the harbour in Gothenburg. You see it on google maps here>>>


good food
On inside youve got many different restaurants, and cafés that are offering you food to take with you or to eat on the spot. This is Kerstins delikatesser or Kerstins Delicatessen. You see how to contact them on website>>>

sundbacks seafood
This is Sundbaecks delicious where you are able to get a big shrimp-sandwich for about 9€ or 12$. Looks like they now exists on facebook>>>


lot of different shops with fish, crayfish, crabs, herring, salmon and cancer
Just after the entrance you are in the middle of thousand different dishes fetched from the sea same morning. This is the biggest range of fresh fish you are able to get in Sweden at the moment. But, as I wrote before. The place is closed due to the covid-19. I'll write here when they are open again.

fish market
Take an hour to see all the different dishes you´ll get here. Most of the salesmen speaks english and they are happy to answer your questions about anything from fish to football.