The results for the first ten places in Goteborgsvarvet where dominated by Africa. As usual.

Shadrack Kimmining
Shadrack kimining won like last year. There is a little confusion about the third place but it looks like we had a guy from Uganda here. His name is Moses Kurong. The first results showed Isaac Tamoi from Kenya on third place. That would say we've got the three first runners from Kenya. However, of the first ten runners we had seven from Kenya. Then one from Uganda, one from Eritrea and one from South Africa. Africa dominates half marathon.

Tabitha Gichia
Kenya also dominated the ladies results. This is Tabitha Gichia from Kenya scoring a time of 1:08:18 after a strong running the last kilometer. The three first runners where from Kenya but we, actually had a swedish lady named Charlotta Fougberg on seventh place. Charlotta is member of Ullevi FK. That will say she is from Gothenburg. On the eight place we also had a swedish woman from Huddinge Sweden so we managed better amongst the ladies in this half marathon. A quick result table: MEN
1 Kimining, Shadrack (KEN)1M17-+00:0001:00:38
2Jarius, Birech (KEN)7M17-+00:1001:00:48
3Tamoi, Isaac (KEN)2M17-+00:2101:00:59
4 Kurong, Moses (UGA)3M17-+00:2901:01:07
5 Ndorobo, Peter Kwemoi (KEN)5M17-+00:4301:01:21
6 Kiptum, Kelvin (KEN)4M17-+00:5801:01:36
7 Mengich, Richard (KEN)30M17-+01:3401:02:12
8 Kangogo, Albert (KEN)29M17-+01:4001:02:18
9 Tsegay, Okabay (ERI)32M17-+02:0501:02:43
10 Mashele, Precious (RSA)8M17-+02:1101:02:49.
1 Gichia, Tabitha (KEN)A106K35-+00:0001:08:18
2 Jerop, Cynthia (KEN)103K17-+00:0801:08:26
3 Chebitok, Ruth (KEN)110K17-+00:4801:09:06
4 Gudeta, Bekelech (ETH)121K17-+01:5001:10:08
5 Jepkesho, Visiline (KEN)113K17-+02:3201:10:50
6 Lekapana, Perendis (KEN)105K17-+03:5701:12:15
7 Fougberg, Charlotta (SWE)301K17-+04:5801:13:16
8 Lindholm, Hanna (SWE)302K40-+06:0201:14:20
9 Amebaw, Likina (ETH)109K17-+07:0301:15:21
10 Norrbom, Cecilia (SWE)303K17-+07:5201:16:10
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crowded with people
Lot of spectators everywhere.