Another round of Volvo ocean race 2018

Last time they all finished in Gothenburg Harbour. I've got some pictures for you from the race in 2015. Check them out here>>>.

vestas boat
On sunday we saw an entertaining inport race that they do in every harbour on this race. The results on the inport race could make the difference if two teams got similar times on the other stages. This is Vestas boat. Vestas is a Danish/American team with 12 members in the crew. In the crew you've got two weman. Vestas has been developing wind turbines for many years and tells us that wind is everything for them. read more about this team on Volvo ocean race teams and

akzo nobel
Akzonobles boat passing the same cranes. Akzonobel is a Dutch team with 13 members. In the crew you see two female members. Read more about Akzo nobels team on Volvo ocean race teams.

passing Elfsborgs fortress
On this picture you see this boat passing Elfsborgs fortress.

On you´ll see that volvo ocean race visits Gothenburg even june 2018

mapfre team
Mapfre got good wind by the cranes. Nearly all crew members are sitting on larboard(left) to keep the boat on right keel. In Mapfre you've got ten members but just one woman. Read more about this team on and volvo ocean race teams.

Check out Volvo ocean races video on youtube.